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TZ family at the Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo

Last year the theme of our annual Club Party was '90 years of Zagato'. A fine line-up of Zagato cars was present at the 'Circuit Park Zandvoort' (dating back as far as 1929!). Amongst those cars also a TZ1 and a TZ2, both of them owned by a certain German gentleman by the name of Martin Kapp. Zagato was not only represented by 'hardware', they also send their Marketing Director to join in the celebrations.

Mr. Kapp and this Zagato Marketing director forged a cunning plan just there and then! And what a plan it was! The world had to wait till the 'Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este' in april of this year, where they presented their TZ3, based on the '8C Competizione'. It was the 'missing' conceptcar of the Geneva show one month earlier where both Bertone (Pandion) and Pininfarina (2uettotanta) payed their hommage to the 100 year old brand.

100624_TZ3 front

I saw the car for the first time when I was in Italy to join the thousands of Alfisti to celebrate the 100th birthday during the 'Centennial', an event I reported on earlier. The moment I saw the car I was smitten! So much more to the point than the 8C on which it is based, so much more purposefull! To me the 8C has always been a bit 'overstyled', a little bit too beautifull. I'm sure you can make up you own mind on this subject.

100624_TZ3 rear

Last weekend mr. Kapp decided to honour the request of our club to bring the car to the SSAR 2010, the event where the conception had taken place a year earlier. Our club managed to also get a TZ1 and TZ2, so there was this fabulous line-up. Fortunately it wasn't just a static display, both the TZ2 and the TZ3 did multiple track sessions so we could feast our eyes and ears on this glorious spectacle. You will have to make do with just your eyes. Enjoy!


Just to prove a point and facilitate the discussion on 'purposefullness' the of TZ3, and whether a TZ3 is a better design job than the 8C, I'll add some pictures of the action on the Zandvoort track.

TZ3 on track 1

TZ3 on track 2

TZ3 vs 8C

Need I say more? 


Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo 2010

Herinnering: Het glorieuze merk Alfa Romeo viert dit jaar z'n 100-jarig bestaan. Het behoeft geen betoog dat dat z'n weerslag zal hebben op het jaarlijkse clubfeest op Circuitpark Zandvoort.


Eén en ander vindt plaats in het weekend van 28 & 29 augustus as. Als liefhebber zal ik er beide dagen te vinden zijn (Huib, door omstandigheden, alleen zaterdag).

Meer hierover op

Mocht jullie dit niet lukken dan is er nog het erop volgende weekend: Het Concours d'Elegance op Paleis 't Loo in Apeldoorn: 4 & 5 september.

Je moet als auto-enthousiast wel erg je best doen iets van 'ons' feestje te missen ;-)   

Sitges Terramar Autodrome

The evening before I was going to leave for the summer holiday, M, M and I had a very enjoyable evening in a pub in my hometown (and M´s town of birth). Talking about where I was headin´ (Barcelona area) the subject quickly changed to the ´Sitges Terramar Autodrome´, an abandoned racetrack that M has reported on earlier. As we spoke M pinpointed its location on his smartphone (Google Maps) and forwarded the information to me.

Thus prepared I was ready to move! It turned out that the first campsite we were to visit (selected by my spouse) was only 300 meters away from the legendary circuit! The Terramar track is one of the few surviving ovals with bankings, in Europe, which is still in pretty good shape (as opposed to Brooklands, Avus & Monthlery) allthough it has been abandoned for about 80 years now. As a matter of fact it was only used once for an official race (1923), since then only marginal clubraces were held at the beautiful track.

The circuit´s inner terrain is now private property and houses a couple of farms, when H (my son) and I tried to enter we were stopped by two ladies who told us the circuit was off limits for us, we should talk to the boss who would be there ´mañana' (the day we would be moving on, damn!). All we could do was try to circumnavigate the track and try to steel a view. That, in itself,  was more than worth while.

100810_Autodrome Sitges

It seems the circuit is still in good order, maintenance work was carried out on the main straight and signposts indicate that it's still being used for club-events. To my son and I this was a beautiful 'Automotive highlight' in our Spanish holiday. Other 'Automotive highlights': In the Sierra Nevada we encountered a heavily disguised MB Axor truck, and while taking in gas, a 'dazzle wrapped' BMW 1-serie's prototype pulled up right next to us.