Monthly Archives: September 2010

White knuckle ride

What if Steve 'Le Mans' Mc Queen would have auditioned for the part of Kowalski and taken Barry Newman's role in 'Vanishing Point'? He surely would've brought another set of wheels to the scene – and the movie could have looked like this!

For your entertainment, in case you missed it, here's another Carfreax-approved music vid…

..old_imagesnd don't you just dig that chopper's reg at 2:40"?

- G.



100910-Ingolstadt Design Week

What is left of a book store functions as an exhibition room. The decoration is simple, yet effective. Plastic foil wrapped around concrete pillars. And in between the design objects contrast with the old filthy carpet. Lots of handcrafted stuff, full of wit.

A small step for mankind, but a giant leap for Ingolstadt. First attempts to create something like a local Design Week.