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Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the world wide interweb…

…our friends at formfreu.de hit you right in the sensitive parts with their latest blog, the ΓΌber-nostalgic 'Autostolz' (Car Pride).

Though not too densely populated just yet, this lovely initiative can only grow as it eagerly anticipates any heart warming contribution from folks with the car-heart in the right place.

That's you and me!

So, after indulging in the warm bath that is Autostolz, why don't you go up your attic and dust off that good ole shoebox of yours to dig out some car-piccies that turn smiles on people's faces?

God knows that that is just what today's profit-driven car industry needs: soul.

Great stuff Tom, keep it coming; (nice one with the Kadett!) :)

- G.

2 thoughts on “OH NOSTALGIA !

  1. Tom

    thanks for your nice post at carfreax!!
    125 years anniversary of the automobile and 125 years of ‘smiles on people’s faces’: if any of the carfreax reader wants to participate at the autostolz collection and to share any clear-out photo find, just get in contact with us:
    autostolz (at) formfreu.de ;-)

  2. Rik

    Love it! As a ‘at least once a week’ visitor of formfreude, I spotted this new addition last weekend. Both me and my wife were touched by the photographs: Briliant stuff! Formfreude is one of my favorite sites anyway; keep up the good work guys!


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