Kxk Renault R-space GJS
Check, mate!

Cool and self-conscious, yet soft and sensuous, a far cry fron the box this segment used to materialise – the next gen Renault MPV only sports boxiness in its 3D-pixelated lounge and its multi-coloured checkered sunroof. The lozenge stands proud in Renault's new family face and a generous bow wave disappears into fast flanks, with true speed boat feel. Mmmmmm…

Although the disrupted interior theme does not really convince in the flesh, the message is clear: this car is meant to break the mould. Renault has invented the MPV -at least in Europe- and it is clearly determined to stay ahead of the curve with this curvaceous beaut'.

La France: douze points.

- Geert.

2 thoughts on “GENEVA REVIEW – PART 6

  1. Mattijs

    An MPV can be sexy, that is what the french proved with this car. Great surfacing. You just hit it with this post. And yes, as with most Renault concepts, what will be left of it in production? Nevertheless this year a stay at the Renault stand can only leave you behind with a grin on your face. Positive vibes.

  2. Rik

    I have a great deal of respect for Laurens and his attempt to storytelling and philosofysing around the direction Renault should be taking. When I see the concepts that are produced under his leadership they still have ‘Le Quement’ written all over them. There’s a lot to be said about Ol’Patrick. He has conceived fantastic concepts over the years, but production cars have , in my opinion, never kept up. I sincerely wish Laurens more succes!


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