Show time!

Why are we blocking our agendas way ahead of March? Why do we anticipate the Geneva show each and every year with such thrills? Yes, it is the real start of the season, the location and settings are perfect , a turbo charged compact overview of the automotive sector. Most of all we come back for show time!


Walking the floor, skimming the surface, digging for details, scanning the atmosphere, watching the theatre. Big names of the industry are here and so are old friends and colleagues. Geneva is on fire.

I personally like the look behind the scenes. The machinery that makes everything possible. It is like a walk around the circus with parked trucks and monkeys in cages, a lost clown taking a rest after his performance. Life outside the arena.

- Mattijs.


2 thoughts on “GENEVA REVIEW- PART 19

  1. Geert

    Monkey and clown watching does add so much.
    Question is: are we slowly turning into any ourselves?

  2. Rik

    Clown-watching is definitely one of the main attractions of Geneva. One can’t help but imagine stories, When I saw Lapo Elkann, the Giugiaro’s, de Silva and Egger patting each others back at Audi’s, I thought (with a lump in my throat): “The fate of my favorite brand is being sealed right here and now!”
    CFX: Real clowns!


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