Kxk Lambo Aventador 2 GJS
Fighting spirit

One can't help but wonder which picador Maranello could still have up its sleeve, in order to turn the design tide from Sant' Agata Bolognese (the toreadors from Zuffenhausen, as we all know, have counted their blessings and joined the bull protection front). Will Ferrari's more traditional approach to style be able to counter the sheer and overwhelming power of the likes of this latest raging bull from Ferruccio's stables, the marvellous Aventador?

Looking as dramatic as any Lamborghini should, this stealth-inspired brute does its job – and does it well. Refined angularity, unique detailing and an overwhelmingly forceful stance, aggressively building on purposeful volumes and – by now – unmistakable graphic elements… If Lamborghini however – next to Audi's R8 and other exclusive VW Group brands like Bugatti, Bentley and Porsche – wants to keep standing its ground as one of the strongest and most authentic supercar marques around, it will have to bring more to the table than just that staggering style – a trait that, let's be honest, could literally be modeled over the top of a not-so-anonymously shared platform and package.

As a young boy, I had two posters over my bed: one of a yellow Miura and one of a 'Daytona' 365 GTB/4 in the same colour. These were my ultimate dream cars. However, of the two, the Miura was – and still is – my favourite car of all time; over time I have come to realise how iconic that early mid-engined supercar must have already been in its own days. It is therefore that I truly hope that the future descendants of the Aventador will also win their future corridas and keep that bar raised up high, where it belongs – or even better: that one of these bulls will eventually break free of the supercar arena and turn into a real icon once again.

- Geert.

2 thoughts on “GENEVA REVIEW – PART 20

  1. Mattijs

    Ctrl C & ctrl V this eloquently and passionately written piece, including the bright pictures and send it to car magazine. Letter of the month it will be. Thanks Geert for another personal view on the swiss show!


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