Frankfurt once again. My third show this year. After Geneva and Shanghai the big home run in Germany. One wonders if you really have to travel all the way up to F-Furt for the real deal. We have been teased and pleased way ahead with tantalizing pictures, slide shows and print media. It turns out to be a very long day, most of the hours go down in the book as traveling time. To cut it short: a first step at the show around lunch time, 360 minutes left and counting.


Too little time for a 360 look around. Let's cope with it and walk the floors, sniffing up the ambiance. We came with the whole team, but soon we are scattered around the halls. I end up with two colleagues with a different view on cars. Sharing views, teaming up with others, jumping from one car into the other. Macro micro. 


My personal highlight? The eclectic mix of impressions. A spectrum between urban and super sport. Normally one needs an aspirin after a long day at the Frankfurt fair, check marking the "to see list". We have a good alternative. Let's throw it away and go for a spontaneous beer! Carfreax Bavaria meets CFX NL, shortly after joined by our guy from CFX China. This is what it is all about!

More to come soon.

- Matt.


3 thoughts on “FRANKFURT PART ONE

  1. Geert

    ‘Twas good to meet, looong shortlist of things to see.
    Nice to see that Volvo and Jag are still loosely connected to Ford btw :)

  2. Rik

    Top right hand corner could (or should) have been me, ‘Umdenker’ as in not joining my CFX mates in visiting the most important car show in the whole of errrr……… Germany. Believe me: has nothing to do with my new found religion: C2C (also qualifies as ‘Umdenken’). Seen pics of B & G-J and surely feel that I’ve missed out on some automotive novelties. Let’s not skip Geneva!!


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