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The end of the year and the beginning of the season. Our tradition is kept alive once again. Before the holidays start we hit the snow, knee deep this time. Curving the slopes of Christlum on and off piste. The weather conditions are sub prime, but the snow is close to perfect this day. Grippy, deep, prepared. Some jumps here and there and most of all biting the dust every other minute. More of this as soon as possible. Thanks to Uli for his sort of water resistant capturing device.




110619-Beijing-Art District-798-09

More impressions of the 798 Art District, a place so sweet you have to come back again and again. Foto shoots on every corner, serious artists in galleries and on the move.Yes, we have been here and bought some t-shirts. We are tourists, drunk of the amount of colors, structures and sculptures one can find here.

110619-Beijing-Art District-798-10

"C'est ne pas un pipe", 2011 the year of the rabbit. Click click goes my camera, trying to catch the moment. I run across the street, following that woman with the umbrella until she color matches with the background. Be sharp, inhale the vibes from here to Asia, dip trip, wild fantasia (US3).


110619-Beijing-Art District-798-08

klussen zonder smeerput

ZZ4N8154 S
Het was een projectje dat al een tijdje zat te wachten op de zolderkamer.
En helemaal van mezelf kwam het idee niet, een voorganger had op de sloop een achterklepje van een moris minor gehaald, en daar een kastje voor z'n wiskey-collectie van gemaakt.
Dit keer twee keverdeurtjes op de kop getikt, passend kastje voor de 1:18 modellen en autofolders.
De strijd met het buigbaar MDF in ronde numero 12 toch gewonnen…..
Formfreude terwijl het negenELFJE aan de druppelaar hangt.
- Roland.

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CN visits JP

Here is the second part of Tokyo. Definitly i have to come back not only to find more fancy cars but learn more about Japan. On the first sight everything looked quite German for me and in fact totally different to China. Clean. Organised. Serious. I was happy to recognize a big difference in the characters and language. After 72 hours i missed the happiness of the people on the streets of Beijing.

Tokyo2 klein
Boxy cars again, i didn't even know half of them. But they are pretty cool there.

Box klein

I was really happy to see every kind of Audi in Japans capitol. I missed seeing Avants and some of the new models which are not on the chinese market yet.

Audi klein
- Fab.


Macau is another amazing City of China: it feels like a Pizza Calzone. From the outside it is clearly China, but the surprise waits inside: the ingredients are from Lissabon and Las Vegas. Yes, it is a strange mix but it tastes really good. Go there!

Macau 2 klein
I just had a couple of hours time for "carseeing" in Macau and here is the result: the city has narrow roads so keep it small but don't forget the sporty outfit.

Macau1 klein
- Fab.



111218-DIY Sushi

A cold saturday some weeks after the Tokyo experience. A Japanese evening at home starts early. Get the fish when it's still fresh in the morning. The rest is all about improvisation and inspiration. The result after a good hour of modeling taste as good as it looks. Some Sake and you are ready to roll. Campai!


Tokyo Drift

I am back after some busy weeks. On the way i found out that Tokyo feels absolutly different to Beijing, not only bigger. I start with another 911 square with several shots from the same car but i think this one is close to perfection. The driver run out of parking time so he decided to leave before i could make even more shots.

911rot klein

I only had some hours spotting the playground of the city Tokyo. Therefore i saw a lot of nice rides. I expected to see Scoobys of every type out on the streets but the limited Skyline R34 gave me a big smile.

Blau klein
On every second corner you can curbe a cube. A shame that is so unpopular in Europe.

Cube klein

- Fab.


111208-Dauphin Collection-01

Have we been here before? Virtually yes, but let's hit it one more time. Another CFX visit to a place full of hidden pleasures. It is the beginning of december and to top off an exciting year with a dose of inspiration we have decided to head north, direction Nuernberg. Somewhere in a little village we hit our target, dressed up your average industrial complex. Here one would expect a company specialized in milling machines, elevators perhaps or even tooling parts for the industry.

Behind these doors you will be blown back by a tsunami of heavenly metal. To cut it short, we are visiting the Dauphin Collection, a private party, an oasis of car history, packed, cramped, stuffed into a 21st century barn. The cars are lined up side to side. This is not not your usual museum tour or car show. A collection of cars, ranging from German, Italian to British. A feast for the eye and a hard one for the man behind the camera. One hundred cars in the first our and after that a walk through the second floor, filled up with more than 250 motorcycles. Details, details, details. A photo impression. Enjoy.

- Matt.

111208-Dauphin Collection-02

111208-Dauphin Collection-03

111208-Dauphin Collection-04

111208-Dauphin Collection-05

111208-Dauphin Collection-06

111208-Dauphin Collection-07

111208-Dauphin Collection-08