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120619-Mulhouse-Schlumpf Collection-Bugatti

Molsheim, Muellheim, Monsheim, Mulhouse, our navigation was lost in the Elzas. Late. Too little time and so many cars. We have entered a Walhalla and the clock is ticking. Time stands still in the old textile factory. Endless rows of exotic metal from different epochs, fantastic craftsmanship, a feast for the eye. Icons and strange experiments. An automotive historic overview with a french touch. The Schlumpf Collection, a hobby of a local manufacturer that turned that into an obsession. I have lost oversight, but will come back one day.


120619-Schlumpf Collection-01

120619-Schlumpf Collection-03

120619-Schlumpf Collection-02

120619-Schlumpf Collection-04



Touch down in London for a quick visit, soaking up the energy of this swinging city. "Why are you here, now?" Mainly this day will be colored with art, colleges and royals. In between though I scan the streets to update my view on britishness 2012. It is a jungle out here, but is a Camel Trophy the answer? We Chelsea.