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Le Mans 2012

Part VI

The final chapter dedicated to the top cars and winners. Some might think it was boring that Audi won again but i think different. Toyota was a good opponent and i also really liked their cars that looked pretty cool but also not pretty. The Audis made a good show and you should one day see them in real action: They are flying around the track without sound like electric Podracers in Star Wars, for me a demonstration of "Vorsprung durch Technik". Congratulation!

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- Fab.

Le Mans 2012

Part V

Back to the presence- even if it felt really future-like seeing the Deltawing driving around the track. I always had the feeling it was drifting, clearly not looking nice but having character soon everyone likes the special car with Racing Number "0". I really enjoyed walking around through the pit lanes where cars becoming pieces of Art and then back on track changing character to screaming creations again. Amazing!

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- Fab.


Le Mans 2012

Part IV

One of the Highlights was the Classic Race- even in the heavy rain. It was very sad that several cars were destroyed but that shows how hard times have been in the past driving such racecars without electronic help.

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- Fab.

Stationwagon follow-up

I'm a stationwagon guy, but only wagons of a specific brand will do: Sportwagons!

Yesterday I took possesion of my 3rd Sportwagon in a row. Starting out with a humble 33 SW 1.4 IE, fitted with that excellent rumbling boxer engine, from its successor the glorious 156 SW 2.5V6, with arguably the finest V6 ever manufactured, to a modern day 159 SW 1.9 JTDm, with a very rational ('chip-tuned') diesel engine. The rationality of the engine is made up by its larger than standard dark grey wheels, red brake callipers, slightly lowered suspension and black leather upholstery.

Thought you'd like to know………..

Sportwagon Square