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120926-Paris-Opel Adam


Sometimes you ask yourself if it makes sense to go to a party when it is already late. With the Adam Opel tries to get a slice, or the last crumbles, of the Mini slash 500 pie. Lots of color, stickers, arty things and many more ideas at the stand in Paris. There are things that cannot be learned in books, being hip might be one of them.



120926-Paris-Audi Cross Lane Concept


Just missed the space frame that was around the corner. A cocktail of carbon and aluminum. In depth design at Audi. The cladded version in the spot lights, featuring a three dimensional grill. Little Q. Steppenwolf at last? 


The Ferrari paradox


It was a twelve cylinder symphony that woke me that Sunday morning.
The perfectly shaped red ’86 Testarossa immediately brought a big smile on my
face. Some neighbors must have had the same experience after peaking through
their covered windows.

The car is impressive: wide, red, Champagne colored leather
all in perfect condition. With only 65.000 kilometers on the clock the machine
felt like new. And that is the way it drives as well.

Driving the car brought back memories from ancient history: Dr
Pepper, Falco and off course Miami Vice. Sonny Crocket drove the same ‘86
Testarossa after being sued by Enzo Ferrari for using a corvette based Daytona

As soon as Sonny and I hit the road we experienced Ferraris
are full of paradoxes. A white van came next to us and opened its slide door.
The construction workers inside the van  simultaneous
gave us their thumbs up. I have never been overtaken so much as I was driving
the Ferrari.

Along the way more and more Maranello products joined us. At
the meeting point over 80 Ferraris dominated the local macDrive. Spotters from
all over the country had been warned and swarmed around the cars like bees on a
honey jar. They took pictures of the complete Ferrari history, from the 250 to
458. From original to highly customized.

The caravan took off to an abandoned military airstrip.
Sonny and I enjoyed ourselves seeing the Ferraristi improving their driving
skills. After some fact-fucking with other owners we head home. Along the way
we listened to Jan Hammer, Europe and Madonna.   



120926-Paris-Bentley Continental GT3

Wanna race?

White, bright with sharp graphics and many ying yang themed lines . Big spoilers, lotta carbon and colored details do the rest. I stand in front of a heavy weight champion and think how this car will look on a race track. Might it look like a truck next to a 911 or 458? Then again I think of the Bentley Boys and say, "gentlemen, we have a race!"



120926-Paris-Porsche Sport Turismo

Redefined and Refined

This is what the Panamera could and should look like. Balanced proportions without the "sketch on wheels" approach. A well positioned counter part to the neighbors dramatic shooting brake. With the Porsche Sport Turismo the brand from Stuttgart gives a glimpse of what might come soon. Crisp lines combined with full but tensioned surfaces, carefully sculpted. Refinement. One of my high lights this year.





On home turf I had expected more from the french three. Less fireworks this year. A remedy for sombre times? Bright neon colors, here combined with late eighties graphics. Where is Andre Agassi? Nevertheless this French Tiguan looks good proportion wise and comes with the typical sharply carved Peugeot style. By the way, fresh colors at Lamborghini as well.



120926-Paris-Renault Clio


Refreshing approach in Paris. I am impressed with the Renault stand with its all new Clio. The car has grown and has some nice details. Underlying logic in volumes and graphics. Positive vibes. Even out of the bass speaker with its funky horn. The stand itself with its moving light bubbles, its volcanic landscape and all those Clios glowing as a stream of lava, coming in different shades, it's setting new standards in presentation. Look how the cars have being soft-spot lighted. France, douze points!