120926-Paris-Renault Clio


Refreshing approach in Paris. I am impressed with the Renault stand with its all new Clio. The car has grown and has some nice details. Underlying logic in volumes and graphics. Positive vibes. Even out of the bass speaker with its funky horn. The stand itself with its moving light bubbles, its volcanic landscape and all those Clios glowing as a stream of lava, coming in different shades, it's setting new standards in presentation. Look how the cars have being soft-spot lighted. France, douze points!


3 thoughts on “PARIS REVIEW PART ONE

  1. Geert

    Clearly missed out that stand presence during the public days visit.
    Need to see this Clio on the road. Bit disappointed with the exterior on first impressions. I hope LvdA breaks with his predecessor’s tradition of excellent showcars being followed by disappointing production cars.

  2. Rik

    Strength of ‘press-day stand’ was that it featured just Clio’s, ‘public days stand’ probably had a lot more different models on display (?). Not impressed with Clio design at all; way too Playmobil for my liking…..
    Ghosn not happy either?

  3. Geert

    @Rik: huge Clio presence at public days also… Personal highlight: (microscopic) rear quarter window in a certain lightweight material – let’s hope it still keeps selling in big numbers then :)


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