On home turf I had expected more from the french three. Less fireworks this year. A remedy for sombre times? Bright neon colors, here combined with late eighties graphics. Where is Andre Agassi? Nevertheless this French Tiguan looks good proportion wise and comes with the typical sharply carved Peugeot style. By the way, fresh colors at Lamborghini as well.


3 thoughts on “PARIS REVIEW PART TWO

  1. Geert

    Liked the graphics, esp. where they enhanced the scallop in the flank. Third concept previewing this production car already – this is indeed an important niche. Amazed that PSA had concept cars at all (did you miss the Onyx?) – knowing what shape they’re in.

  2. Rik

    Onyx is solid concept! Also like the bikes they showed. This dayglo 208-size SUV will probably show up at the dealer anytime soon, so more preview rather than concept…..


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