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Design Academy

Coming home at the Design Academy. The place is always a good spot to hook up with old friends and walk the floors of the former Philips building, scanning this years themes. Hand crafted, woods, ceramics, material exploration, foods, social. Most projects are supported or explained by long threads of text. Little self explaining or smart story telling to find here. 

Where is the hig-technology factor in Eindhoven? Maybe I have to unlearn myself. I love the smart ceramic vase and the surf board style table. Dressed up furniture, water filtering objects and a love for shoes seem to be the hot topics at this years DDW.


121026-DDW-Eindhoven-Design Academy-02

121026-DDW-Eindhoven-Design Academy-03

121026-DDW-Eindhoven-Design Academy-04

One thought on “DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2012 – PART NINE

  1. Geert

    Wow – well spotted, that mobility project there; I feel like it’s almost forbidden to do any solid, old fashioned industrial design here.
    See Rik’s comment elsewhere: apparently there’s going to be a DTW in Eindhoven also. Maybe we should go there for the more practical inspiration next?


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