121025-DDW-Eindhoven-Strijp S-Klokgebouw-02

Free D 

Strijp S, probably not the most exotic section of the Dutch Design Week, but definitely the right indicator. A spot where artists and designers meet the industry. Commerce with warmth, personal and mass produced. The two might blend together if we believe the signs. It is all about connections. Three-dee printers on every corner.

We take a walk through the Klokgebouw and think of the applications.I could design my own shoes. Although, there is a lot of footwear inspiration in Eindhoven. Another trend? In the evening we hammer together our own Eek at a friends place. Do it yourself is still the most rewarding for a designer. 


121025-DDW-Eindhoven-Strijp S-01

121025-DDW-Eindhoven-Strijp S-Klokgebouw-01

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