130519-USA-El Mirage-06

The world's fastest Indian. I have to think about Burt Munro a couple of times this day. A stranger on a journey, a man on a mission. We have come here to El Mirage to visit the SCTA start of the season. Racers, Lakers, Petrol Heads, Car Nuts. It's a heavy local gathering and at the same time this place is so welcoming to first timers. "Is this your first time at the Lake,where are you from?"


130519-USA-El Mirage-04

3 thoughts on “VIBES

  1. Rik

    How serious were we, planning the trip to the US in 2014, way back when, in the Effenaar-bar?? These sort of posts make me very serious indeed.

  2. Geert

    Mat – excellent how you’ve captured the vast space and emptiness of El Mirage. Oh, and by the way: Burt Munro was on the telly once again last week… There’s no such thing as coincidence!
    Rik, I guess some of the Effenaar crew have been even more serious about ticking the box… :P


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