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130519-USA-El Mirage-SCTA

No one comes to El Mirage with something from the shelve to beat the timing machines. Everything you see here has a personal approach, is handcrafted and purpose built. It is a race against the clock, trying to improve that "personal best" rather than win the race.

Duck down to go faster. I love the details; steering, saddle, gears on this motorcycle. All adapted for high speeds.


130519-USA-El Mirage-Moto

Quality Time……

……for father & son, clubmember, car & club, car & circuit. Our own special event, year upon year: The 'Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo'. For 2013 the former F1 circuit of Zandvoort was selected (alternating with the TT circuit of Assen), driving there always produces a very special feeling……..hence the big smile.

130824_SSAR 2013