130519-USA-El Mirage-SCTA

No one comes to El Mirage with something from the shelve to beat the timing machines. Everything you see here has a personal approach, is handcrafted and purpose built. It is a race against the clock, trying to improve that "personal best" rather than win the race.

Duck down to go faster. I love the details; steering, saddle, gears on this motorcycle. All adapted for high speeds.


130519-USA-El Mirage-Moto

2 thoughts on “ADAPTION

  1. Geert

    Epic shot in the top center square; out of the starting blocks, into the great wide open…
    (Lovely attention to detail too: image slightly rotated – the horizon aligns and suddenly the pylons form a near-vertical line with the bike AND line up with a color-coded tee in the top pic. Years of square pushing practice are paying off!)

  2. Rik

    @Geert: That’s what the ‘Square-wizard’ is on about: It’s only about always trying to better oneself. It’s not a contest: I find comfort in that!
    @Matt: Keep them motorcycles coming: Since driving my son’s ’76 Z├╝ndapp in a vulnerable period of my life (call it a belated mid-life crisis), I’m struck with a fascination for 2 wheels.


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