130519-USA-El Mirage-Ford V8-01

At the edge of the gathering the speedster is parked in between some RV's. Red and white with a classic stance. The sheet metal bonnet is popped up, hard shadows accentuate the cars footprint. What might become the picture of the day will turn to an everlasting experience. "Hi there, should I close the bonnet, so you can take better pictures?" "I can park it out there in the open space if you want."

The conversations unfolds as we get into detail. 300 something BHP. "Jump inside I you need to take close up shots. The sound is great, wait a minute, I'll rev her up". Larry is one of these driven and passionate owners who likes to share. He takes it very literally today. "You wanna join me for a ride, I'll show you around." Wind and whirring cogs, click clack, second gear. In between I hear something about ditching windscreens, dust, visibility and Bonneville. Click clack.

As we return at our starting point Larry unlocks the big round steering wheel to get our of the car and hands it over to me. "Slide over to this side, now that you know how it works, it's up to the two of you!" " I am damn serious buddy!"

An endless drive in open space. Hours later we get stuck into down town traffic as we hit Los Angeles. I still have the image of that smiling guy in his white Nascar sweater giving us signs every time we want to return him his V8 speedster. "Come on, go for another round!"


130519-USA-El Mirage-Ford V8-02

2 thoughts on “DRIVEN

  1. Rik

    Unbelievable! But Hey….where’s the pics of you actually behind the wheel, or even a vid?
    You know what they say: If it ain’t photographed, it didn’t happen ;)
    El Mirage has really turned out to be an epic event, thanks for sharing!

  2. Geert

    Gotta like what the sand does to the tyres. Why aren’t these colors on the market? VW Noah lässt grüssen. (Maybe coming soon in your local Volvo dealership?)


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