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Hey dude, where are you from? You look like you're new here. Germany. You know, I have been hanging around at the lake here for the past twenty years, but you Mr Germany, this is your day. Just walk past those officials and take that picture you need, right there at the starting line! Just do it!

A couple of minutes later I find myself in the middle of the action, a few meters away from the starting line. A motorcycle trails of and vanishes in a cloud of dust. As I turn around to see who is next, I realize I stand face to face with a legendary car. Low, rough, raw, a deep purple bastard. The crew gathers around its driver, providing some shadow.

After the race, when everything has cooled down, I walk up to purple car. This is my personal icing on an already fantastic cake. Shake hands with Mr. WInfield. Eighty-six years old and still full of energy, driving cars like he stole them. Gene is not only one of the scenes last legends, gene is part of hot rod's DNA. I help his crew to push the 501 gently into the trailer. El Mirage, California, it doesn't get any better than this.


130519-USA-El Mirage-Gene Winfield-02

One thought on “GENE

  1. Rik

    Absolutely legendary! 86 and still going strong: Amazing.
    On the other hand: Asolutely crazy to find a lifetime of ‘meaning’ in shaving of hundreds of seconds on a flat stretch of salt.
    Homo Sapiens is officially stark raving mad!
    Ain’t life grand?


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