Latest addition to my garage

As a late manifestation of my midlife crisis, I’m taking lessons in motorcycle riding. This all came about by my son and his lovely ’76 Z├╝ndapp C50 Sport; never thought riding on 2 wheels could be that much fun. I’m now a complete believer in the philosophy of: “Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul”.

Especially the custom scene off late, has managed to keep me attached to my computer screen night after night looking for the bike of my dreams. Of course it had to be Italian! Of the Italian brands the architecture of the Moto Guzzi longitudinal V2′s has seduced me into looking especially for these bikes. Hamburg builder Axel Budde ( being my hero at this moment.

141101_Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Desktop

I’ve long thought I was gonna end up with a brand new V7 Stone, for which I had a custom building plan already thought out (green sketch), untill in my internet searches I found a ’82 Street Tracker converted V35c. Went to have a look, drove it, loved it, bought it!

Her it is: The ‘scuderia 61′-graphic is to be handpainted on the tank later on. I also would like to reposition the battery (now inside the ‘triangle’) so it won’t be as visible anymore.

150322_V35c Graphics


And why I love the Guzzi architecture so much:

150322_V35c Graphics Lines


All I need to do now is to get that driver’s license :-/

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