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121119-Monaco-Bertrand Lavier-Ferrari 308 GTS

Did you see that? Strange somehow! We just arrived and are heading towards our hotel. Delayed, tired. The streets are dark and behind the tinted windows of our shuttle bus we get first vague glimpses of this city. The last couple of kilometers turn into an emotional pinball machine scenery. What, where, saw that. Mc Laren, right? Bentley at nine o'clock! Magnum Magnum! Strange somehow, still in protectional wax? One day later I find out the truth. Monaco just pulled a trick on me.



120621-London-RCA Show-Sculpture-01

Straight from Heathrow into the heart of the city. Gray buildings filled with colorful art. Sculpture, painting, installations. There are no boundaries between the latter. The themes keep coming back. Food, financial crisis, death and truth. Sometimes blunt, brash and big, then again delicate, detailed and design-ish. A really inspiring first section of a rainy and arty day. This years Royal College of Art degree show in pictures.


120621-London-RCA Show-Sculpture-03

120621-London-RCA Show-Sculpture-02

120621-London-RCA Show-Sackler Building-01

120621-London-RCA Show-Sackler Building-02jpg


Protect me from what I want!

Does this not sum up the grand total of carfreakishness?

We love 'em – and just can't help it. Even without sound, the mere sight of them makes us defenseless; cars, cars, cars… we just have to be near them!

Despite the Olympic spectacle being right around the corner, we opt for kidneys instead of rings this time (sorry Matt and Steve) because BMW's unique and ever-expanding Art Car family just never ceases to impress.

So here's a little encore for you carfreax and art lovers. Jenny Holzer would've given her blessing, given the cultural context, I'm sure. Big thanks again for the hot reporting and perfect pix by Naud!

- Geert S.

Art cars 07 Done

Art cars 08 Jagamara Nelson

Art cars 11 AR Penck

Art cars 13 Chia

Art cars 14 Hockney

Art cars 15 Holzer

Art cars 17 Koons


London – 2012

With a big roar the turboprop leaps forward into action. Sunny blue skies have already been replaced with drastic rainstorms, it’s still hot and very humid. I’m in an almost empty plane with nothing more than a small weekend back-pack, but none the less I’m on my way.

On my way… to London, on my way to London on the opening night of the Olympic games. My ETA is 19:05, which theoretically is just in time to catch the opening ceremony.


Althoug I like ‘the games’, my plans for this weekend are somewhat different. Carfreak as I am, or better even as ‘we’ are, my brother (Geert P.) and me both noticed a small article on the Top Gear Facebook page, telling about an extraordinary exhibit in London.

“BMW has flown in their amazing Art Cars and placed them over six floors of a public car park in the hipster-haven of Shoreditch, East London.”

Say what?

Art cars 01 Calder
Yep, indeed, all the Art Cars in one place. Hell, f*** them Olympics we know where we need to be this weekend!

Art cars 02 Stella
So after watching the obligatory opening ceremony from a London park, and after a good night’s rest we’re on our way. Geert’s blue mean machine is the tool for the mission today. Seems only fair I get to ride it at least once before it’s doomed to get sold, or is it? Anyway, roof down, sun up and we’re off to London. After a bit of agony we arrive at Shoreditch. Loudly painted walls all around and the quiet atmosphere are a bit contrasting. Then again, the £ 1,- parking fee we have to pay to park the car in the middle of London seems out of place as well.

Art cars 03 Lichtenstein
In mere seconds (the exhibition is free of charge, what on earth is happening to us today) we arrive at the top floor. After punching in the e-mail address in an iPad we get a free bag of goodies which include a magazine on the Art Cars, a magazine on art, and a free Andy Warhol poster.

Art cars 04 Warhol
Okay let's sum this up; we get goodies and get to watch an historic Art Car collection and all we needed to do is chuck up one pound for parking!

No need for me telling you guys it was awesome. Just browse the pictures! 

- Naud.

Art cars 05 Fuchs

Art cars 06 Rauschenberg
(squares by Geert S. – tbc)




Getting close to the end of the year, spare time at last! Before the new year starts I have to finish some unfinished business. My apple has been my companion the last months. Sitting comfortably on the couch, sipping on a tea, a glowing telly in the background while moving digital pics over the screen. Over are those days. Moving over to the other room for some graphical stuff. I start up the old pc and turn on the heater. There it is, the typical MS tune from Brian Eno I have almost forgotten. Not your usual Apple "pong". Before I get started I realize I am running out of disc space. I take a closer look at my drives and realize why that laptop on the couch was so comfortable. Enough said, time for a major clean up. My folders are a mess. Backups and pre millenium back ups of old computers, double data all over the place. I wander through old files as I move along, restructuring big time this time. After two days most of the stuff seems in place. Cleaning up the whole Nomads section, an early attempt of online creativity. I end up with one folder filled up with over ten years of sketching and stumble on some old stuff I almost forgotten about. Shades of digital painting. The greed of old memories keeps me going, cleaning and archiving gigabytes of data. Is it coincidence or the end of the year syndrome? Three other colleagues are doing the same thing I hear later.

Anyway, back to cars. In between all those files I stumble onto some old forgotten sketches. Those were the days of digital painting exploration. Palette knives in Painter were razor sharp as I attempted to make some quick impressions on digital canvas. Gulf wars in blue and orange. Looking back, …old_imagesnd forward….one of the resolutions for next year is to return to the digital canvas for more free work. Psychedelic Martini graphics anyone?

091222-Gulf Targa Florio