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Le Mans 2012

Part VI

The final chapter dedicated to the top cars and winners. Some might think it was boring that Audi won again but i think different. Toyota was a good opponent and i also really liked their cars that looked pretty cool but also not pretty. The Audis made a good show and you should one day see them in real action: They are flying around the track without sound like electric Podracers in Star Wars, for me a demonstration of "Vorsprung durch Technik". Congratulation!

Lm 010s

Lm 012s
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- Fab.

Le Mans 2012

Part V

Back to the presence- even if it felt really future-like seeing the Deltawing driving around the track. I always had the feeling it was drifting, clearly not looking nice but having character soon everyone likes the special car with Racing Number "0". I really enjoyed walking around through the pit lanes where cars becoming pieces of Art and then back on track changing character to screaming creations again. Amazing!

Lm 014s
Lm 016s
Lm 017s
Lm 015s
- Fab.


Le Mans 2012

Part IV

One of the Highlights was the Classic Race- even in the heavy rain. It was very sad that several cars were destroyed but that shows how hard times have been in the past driving such racecars without electronic help.

Lm 018s
Lm 019s
- Fab.

Le Mans 2012

Part III

24h is a long time for watching cars racing each other. When you need a break you can go sightseeing at the campsides where you find every car you can imagine parked next to the owners tent. I love the contrast between the expensive metal and the cheap way of living at the racetrack. I really like the many different TVR's- they are just mad. The special stickers and number are the proof that this is surely one of the biggest meating of private Carfreax…

Lm 006 small
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- Fab.

Le Mans 2012

Part II

The 458 is loved by all of us because it wears just as much as it needs to cover the most important -just like the little black dress from your girlfriend. As race version it looks heavy equipped and trained- but "xiaoxin" (=be careful): what pictures can't tell: it screams like a devil. Not to go so far that this is the reason- but it won this year. The italien emotion on the podium was fantastic as the team shouted for their winning drivers ("Forza Fisicho")

Lm 004 small
Lm 005 small
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- Fab.

Le Mans 2012

Part I

Le Mans is not round the corner of Beijing – and NO the Chinese haven't copied the racetrack and built it up here. But even so i had the chance to experience the once in a lifetime event of visiting a Le Mans race this year. After some time i finally post some pictures. Part 1 is all about the color combination that never look wrong in Le Mans: light blue & orange

LM 002 small
LM 001 small
- Fab.

Beijing calling


Audi showed several Showcars on their big stage. The RSQ3 looked really cool in a stunning matt blue paint. The dark blue colored carbon parts fitted beautifully. It was a demonstration for the love of detail that Audi makes special. Every Q3 should look like this, don't you think?


- Fab.

Beijing calling


The second big Star on the Beijing Show was the Mercedes Style Concept. An amazing Proportion and the typical high emotional surface entertainment made it a real "looker". The 3/4-quarter back view is working. The question will be how much is carried over into the production version. The Infiniti Emerg-e surprised me in reality with nicely down surfaces and proportion. Like.

- Fab.

Beijing calling


Finally i managed to have a look at my very few photos from the Beijing Show. The Show was pretty fine and not too big. The international Star of the show surely was the Lamborghini Urus. It was a pretty good idea to show it here in the capital of China. People love it here because big is big. The general impression of the car is great, but some details are too busy in my opinion.

- Fab.


Another sunny day with spring in the air is the right time for the show off with your brand new ride. This car for sure is a fairy tail for its female owner but Ferry would not be amused to see his Porsche cars reduced to a fashion product. The Cayenne sold his soul because it is not a sportscar, even if Turbo is written (in "blingbling") on the back. This one reminds me more on some expensive handbags. It is all about maximum contrast here as previous learned, so the matt white combined with chrome pink fits to Beijing 2012 more than anywhere else.

Ferrys nightmare small
- Fab.